RGES offers a unique educational approach founded on the Liberal Arts.  The Foundation Courses are History, Literature, and Science.  These courses focus on building a Biblical Perspective concerning knowledge of God, man, and the physical world.  Intellectual Skills of reflective reasoning, sound judgment and effective communication are cultivated at each grade level.  The end result will be well-educated students who not only have learned to evaluate life through the lens of Biblical Perspective, but who will also utilize their knowledge and virtues to Lead for Christ.


The Arts of Liberty

Liberal Arts are the subjects that cultivate Liberty in the individual and his society.  They focus on general knowledge of God, man, and the physical world as well as general Intellectual skills such as reflective reasoning, sound judgement, and effective communication.  They equip the student to Lead for Christ.

Classic Works

We read Classic Works that represent the most influential thinkers of literature, history, government, and theology over the centuries.  They are chosen to offer timeless wisdom or significant departures from a Biblical Perspective so that the student can develop the discernment requisite to Lead for Christ.

The Lens of Scripture

The Principle Approach to Education leads the student to perceive how Biblical Perspective forms the Foundation and Purpose of every aspect of a Liberal Arts Education.  This understanding is critical to prepare our students to Lead for Christ.



Taken inside the U.S. Capital Building, Washington D.C. 

2017 Jr. /Sr. History Seminar, Faith Kinzer Chaperone